2017/01/01 - Apache DeviceMap has been retired.

For more information, please explore the Attic.

Apache DeviceMap Releases

This page provides download links for the latest release of each Apache DeviceMap module.

Older releases can be found in the archives.

Download Mirrors

The currently selected mirror is https://dlcdn.apache.org/. If you encounter a problem with this mirror, please select another mirror. If all mirrors are failing, there are backup mirrors (at the end of the mirrors list) that should be available.

Other mirrors:

You may also consult the complete list of mirrors

Verifying the downloaded archives

Make sure to verify the integrity of any downloads using the provided signatures and/or digests. The signatures and digests must be downloaded from apache.org, links are provided below.

The PGP keys used to generate the signatures can be downloaded from https://www.apache.org/dist/devicemap/KEYS.

Apache DeviceMap downloads

Device data

devicemap-data-1.0.3.jar ( PGP, md5, sha1 )

Java client

devicemap-client-java-1.1.0.jar ( PGP, md5, sha1 )

C# client Binaries

devicemap-csharp-1.0.1-bin.zip ( PGP, md5, sha1 )

C# client Sources

devicemap-csharp-1.0.1-src.zip ( PGP, md5, sha1 )

VB.net client Binaries

devicemap-vbnet-1.0.1-bin.zip ( PGP, md5, sha1 sha256 )

VB.net client Sources

devicemap-vbnet-1.0.1-src.zip ( PGP, md5, sha1 sha256 )


browsermap-1.4.1-incubating.tar.gz ( PGP, md5, sha1 )